Randy Mac

Quick Tips: How to Avoid Tax Refund Scams

It’s almost tax time and scammers are busy making phony calls and sending fake emails, so here’s some information to protect yourself before the filing deadline.

1. The IRS Will Never Call you

If you receive a call claiming you owe thousands, threatening arrest, a lawsuit, -- or even deportation -- it’s a fake, so just hang up.

2. The IRS Will Never Email You

Scammers will also send phony emails asking for personal or financial information. Clicking on a link could also download malware to your computer. If you get a random IRS email, delete it.

3. Identity Theft

There have been lots of hacks like the Equifax data breach. If you think your identity has been stolen and someone has or could file a tax return in your name, don't procrastinate! Report it to the IRS immediately. It could take 6 months -- yes, six months -- to straighten it out.

4. Filing Deadline

The last day to file taxes this year is April 17. If you’re not ready, you can ask for an extension until October. You can do that here